What cancer cannot do

Cancer cannot seep into my entire life. It cannot take away my reliance on God. I am NOT my diagnosis!!! For example, it cannot take memories, your interests, your family, or everything you had before you were diagnosed with cancer. I hold fast to my hope. If you do not give cancer control to take everything then you can still have control over your life, control over the what ifs, control over guiltand control over your own habits.

Cancer cannot take my memories. But YOU will never take my dignity! Here are a few inspiring WhatNexters we want to recognize: Cancer cannot take away my relationship with my family and friends.

Cancer cannot lessen friendships. WhatNexters learn to ride out the wave and live one day at a time. Cancer cannot squelch my desire to help others. I am stronger now. I have found kindness and goodness where I never thought I would see it.

They have to process their diagnosis; however, they learn to "take it one day at a time. My anger and disdain for you makes me fight harder and I will fight with my every breath to rid of you! Cancer cannot destroy my hope. Cancer cannot take away my sense of humor.

Battling cancer without HOPE is like trying to fill a bathtub without a stopper. Loved ones can do this by talking about normal things and keeping similar activities they did before cancer.

Many WhatNexters commented and agreed that cancer will never steal their dignity; some even wrote their own letter to cancer.

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For this reason, a lot of people with cancer want to be treated how they were before they were diagnosed with cancer. Many WhatNexters find things that make them hopeful, no matter what it is, and hold onto it with all their might.

Cancer cannot steal my identity or define who I am.Cancer cannot invade the soul, supress memories (I think that is my favorite!)kill friendship, destroy peace, conquer the spirit, shatter hope, cripple love, corrode faith,steal eternal life,silence courage.

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Cancer is so limited It cannot cripple love It cannot shatter hope It cannot corrode faith It cannot eat away peace It cannot destroy confidence It cannot kill.

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Free shipping on U.S. retail orders over $ Cancer can turn your life upside down, it can take your hair, your health, your time, your energy, and parts of your physical body, but here are some things cancer CANNOT do. What Cancer Can't Do. Cancer. Just the sound of the word fills our hearts with fear and dread.

13 Things Cancer Cannot Do

It’s a terrifying diagnosis. For many of us, this disease threatens to rob us of our health, our energy, our vitality, and our sense of well-being.

What cancer cannot do
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