The three major reasons behind the increase in unemployment today

The drowning businesses are being supported through meagre subsidies as a result of which, the national debts keep on increasing. The average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls was unchanged at Our youth is immensely inclined towards the government jobs and the main reason behind it is the lack of accountability.

The Arab Spring offers a good opportunity to think about new development models that could promote global competitiveness, and labour-intensive growth. The youth as well the general public needs to play its part in this firstly by realising the actual culprit behind their misery and secondly, by taking initiatives at both individual and social level to counter the menace.

If the workforce in the region continues to grow at the same rate, it is estimated that the labour force will reach million by Household Survey Data The unemployment rate remained at 3.

This makes their first attempt at labour market entry very difficult.

This problem is most acute in those MENA countries where the informal sector accounts for 90 per cent of economic activity, and is as such the largest employer in the labour market. Unfortunately, service sector too however, is suffering in the hands of increasing extremism and political uncertainty in the country.

In addition, improving access to the financial sector to meet the needs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises is necessary to support young entrepreneurs. The story does not end here. Finally, more investment in neglected and poor regions is essential to addressing regional inequality, releasing pressure on the big cities, and improving labour market efficiency.

The MENA countries must also encourage the private sector to provide opportunities for youth employment and they need to develop a financial sector that fosters labour-intensive economic growth. This is the main reason as to why the level of unemployment is rocketing day by day.

Before moving on, it is imperative to carry out an objectively detailed analysis of the private sector. Fleecing the general public for making a few exporters rich is what it is.

This means that the MENA region needs to provide million new jobs byto meet the additional needs of job seekers as well as new labour market entrants.

Hence, the unemployed graduates are eventually forced to settle for ordinary jobs as they have a family to feed. Data are not seasonally adjusted. Moreover, the fact that unemployment insurance is not common in the MENA region implies that the social impact of being unemployed is substantial.

However, it is clear that the economies of the region have not been able to create the jobs needed to meet the needs of an increasing labour force.

The private sector seems to be utterly disappointed by the credentials of our youth. Within the industry, couriers and messengers added 4, jobs in August. Wholesale trade employment increased by 22, in August and by 99, over the year.Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men ( percent) and Whites hours in July, following an increase of hour in June.

In manufacturing, both the workweek and Reason for unemployment. Though the official version, and most of the media, paints a rosy picture, the reality on the ground is vastly different, with people finding it ever harder to find jobs, according to many observers.

Some even say the BLS unemployment figures are an eyewash. High population growth rate is one of major reasons of poverty in India. This further leads to high level of illiteracy, poor health care facilities and lack of access to financial resources.

Also, high population growth affects the per capita income and makes per capita income even lower. The major causes of unemployment in Pakistan. Columns; Comment; There are several reasons behind it that must be analysed first retrospectively.

Our rulers have been swaying between. Frictional unemployment may also be the result of employers refraining from hiring or laying off workers for reasons unrelated to the economy. Structural Unemployment Structural unemployment is created when there is a mismatch in the demographic or industrial composition of a local economy.

There are lot of reasons for unemployment but one of the major reason is overpopulation. The population is increasing day by day but job opportunity There are lot of reasons for unemployment but one of the major reason is overpopulation.

The major causes of unemployment in Pakistan

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The three major reasons behind the increase in unemployment today
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