The history of the rams in the 1930s

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He also rushed for yards. In a potential playoff preview, the Rams hosted the Philadelphia Eagles, losing in a hard-fought battle. The season started disastrously, with the Rams opening 0—6, finally winning an improbable victory over the Saints in Week 8. Air quality in the Los Angeles basin has improved steadily since, with ozone levels down to about one-third their levels.

A week later, the Rams would defeat the Arizona Cardinals 32—16 to secure a winning season for the first time since the season.

After a start Roman Gabrielle gets back his starting Quarterback job and leads the Rams to a record in the final nine games of the season.

History of the St. Louis Rams

They originated in Cleveland and left after the season, the same year they won the NFL Championship. Settlers flood the state, creating great demand for beef from Los Angeles-area ranchos. In a game that many consider the best Super Bowl ever, Tennessee played the Rams tough throughout, achieving a 16—16 tie with 2: No major battle was fought in or near the city, although the "Battle of Camp Jackson" was a noteworthy skirmish fought on the modern-day location of the St.

The game ended in a scoreless tie before 79, at Soldier Field. OG Riley Matheson Some fans may not understand why Matheson is placed at number one, but he is by far one of the most underrated players in the history of the NFL.

As the NFL reached two decades without a team in Los Angeles a plan was put together to recommit efforts for building a stadium. With an eye on the future, the Rams traded up to select Quarterback Jared Goff.

However, his tenure would end before it even begins as he fired in the preseason. Frontiere then sought to relocate the team to St. One of the few bright spots during this time was Jerome Bettisa bruising running back from Notre Dame. However, the Rams take a step backward finishing with a record.

After a preseason trade sent Quarterback Norm Van Brocklin to the Philadelphia Eagles, Bill Wade steps in and sets several team passing records, as the Rams finish the season with a solid record. Struggles[ edit ] Marc Bulger spent several seasons as the Rams quarterback.

However, the Rams would miss the playoffs with a record. Kelley was generally considered a Legend and a true professional, one of the great radio, play-by-play announcers of our time. Reeves was proved to be correct when the Rams played their first pre-season game against the Washington Redskins in front of a crowd of 95, fans.

Wild card loss[ edit ] Further information: The Bears wonDecember 18, scoring the winning touchdown on a two-yard pass from Nagurski to Grange. Benton was always a threat, but he became more dangerous when the next player on the list arrived. A Brief History of St.

Second, this move was following the population pattern in Southern California. The increasing popularity of the automobile caused congestion in the downtown area as early as the s. The game would be a virtual home game for the Rams as it was played in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl.Los Angeles Rams Team History Nickname: Owner Homer Marshman and his general manager, Damon “Buzz” Wetzel picked the Rams name because Wetzel had said his favorite football team had always been the Fordham Rams and.

In Pittsburgh defeated the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl XIV at Pasadena to become the first team to win four Super Bowls, January The game was viewed in a record 35, homes. By the game was viewed by million viewers, the sixth most-watched program in U.S.

Historical Timeline of Los Angeles

television history, January Check out every draft since alphabetically, by round, by pick, by school, by year, by team, by position. From the ancient La Brea Tar Pits to new museums and hotel openings, read on for a timeline of the incredible history of Los Angeles.

From the ancient La Brea Tar Pits to new museums and hotel openings, read on for a timeline of the incredible history of Los Angeles. - The Rams return to Los Angeles after a year hiatus. The. A Brief History of the City of St.

Louis Early History: Pierre Laclede Liguest, recipient of a land grant from the King of France, and his year-old scout, Auguste Chouteau, selected the site of St.

Louis in as a fur trading post. Discover the history of the NFL Draft and the specifics of each draft year here at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The history of the rams in the 1930s
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