Speakwrite application software

The company has the option of either check or direct deposit and they pay twice a month. Pin shares If you have at least two years of past transcription experience particularly with legal transcription jobsyou may be able to get a job at SpeakWrite.

After they accept these things, they let you start training which from what I understand is not super easy to get through. You can go through the training without the pedal if you need to and then wait to order the pedal once you know you have the job.

You can schedule yourself up to two weeks in advance for hours. You can record your dictation using this device as you normally would, then play this recorded tape into the phone using an adapter cable, upload via SpeakEasy or mail your recorded tapes in to our tape processing center.

What equipment do you need?

SpeakWrite is Looking for Typists – US & Canada

How much is the pay at SpeakWrite? You also must know how to format legal citations. Telephone You may dictate by telephone directly into our system simply by calling our toll-free dictation line at from any phone, entering your account number and PIN and following the automated prompts.

You are an independent contractor, so you can work as much or as little as you want provided the work is there for you to do.

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How is the schedule? The entire process will probably take at least a few days to finish. At the end of the call, the recording is sent directly to the SpeakWrite system for transcription.


We do not see the results of those checks at any phase of the process, nor is this information shared with anyone at any time. SpeakWrite has contracted with a third party vendor Intellius to complete the background checks.

A reliable internet connection with similar or greater bandwidth as a DSL connection. Have specific experience in and a good working knowledge in the creation of legal pleadings, agreements, court headings, interrogatories, deposition summaries, formal correspondence, etc. There are some complaints about the proofreaders and how they are condescending and give inconsistent ratings.

Background Checks To comply with the contracting requirements of some of our larger clients, we perform background checks on all company personnel, including our typist contractors, before they begin working for us.

Be able to work independently.

Creating and Submitting Work

A printer and earphones are also necessary.According to the company, the new software solution is meant to offer users a new way to upload dictations, conversations, speeches, photos and other material.

SpeakWrite announces application. Application. I applied online. I interviewed at SpeakWrite. Interview. There wasn't very much to it.

Work at Home Transcription For SpeakWrite

I applied online to submit an application. Once I got a response from them I was asked to download their software, sign a nondisclosure agreement, agree to a background check, and move forward with the interview. SpeakWrite accommodates a variety of dictation methods, affording you the chance to have us do your work with little change to your normal way of doing business.

You can use the telephone, a Smartphone application, our proprietary SpeakEasy software, or your traditional recording methods to create your dictation, then easily submit it to our. SpeakWrite: SpeakWrite application is a voice recorder that allows you to record, edit and send your audio.

It can convert all your voice input into the text. SpeakWrite is accepting applications for Legal and General transcriptionists. Applicants must pass a typing test with a minimum speed of 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy for your application to be considered.

New Typist Application

Before you Apply – Take a Free Typing Test You will be required to have access to the following hardware and software to.

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Start Here! SpeakWrite software is not compatible with the MAC operating system. they begin working for us. This is done at our expense; all you will need to do is submit a Waiver to us during this application process and we take.

Speakwrite application software
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