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Maze has some start and end points including many dead ends. Other components include motor driver LD, operational amplifier LM, phototransistor and a few discrete components. We are developing a MEMS extraction module which reads in the geometric description of the layout structure and reconstructs the corresponding schematic.

BioMEMS We are developing implantable, wireless MEMs-based sensors for various applications, such as monitoring bone regeneration and left ventricular pressure, to provide timely feedback to clinicians to help make better decisions on timing of therapeutic interventions. Jeff Schneider As DoD autonomous vehicles begin to take on more-complex and longer-duration missions they will need to incorporate knowledge about the current state of their sensing, actuation, and computing capabilities into their mission and task planning.

Arduino Uno board processes this data and corresponding instructions are transmitted through the RF transmitter to control the robot. The wireless robot is operated manually using PC. Fire Extinguishing Robot Wireless Gesture-Controlled Robot In this project we are going to control a robot wirelessly using hand gestures.

The angle of rotation of the phone controls its speed of movement. These strings are very flexible, conductive and easy to use.

The research project aims to design and demonstrate new sensor technologies for autonomously gathering crop and canopy size Robot projects from a vineyard -- expediently, precisely, accurately and at high-resolution -- with the goal to improve vineyard efficiency by enabling producers to measure and manage the principal components of grapevine production on an individual vine basis.

This fire extinguishing robot is a prototype of the actual one. Sensitive but inexpensive general-purpose whiskers can be made using commonly available steel guitar strings. Arduino UNO board is the heart of the circuit.

World’s Top 20 Robotics Project Ideas

Generally, the preceptors are sensors mounted on the robot, processing is done by the on-board microcontroller or processor, and the task action is performed using motors or with some other actuators.

The distance travelled by the Survey Robot is calculated by timer concept and this value is then transmitted to the PC. Context-based Recognition of Building Components In this project, we are investigating ways to leverage spatial context for the recognition of core building components, such as walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and doorways for the purpose of modeling interiors using 3D sensor data.

The Survey Robot is controlled through the ZigBee module to move about the entire plot. The transmitter circuit transmits the commands required to operate the robot.

The remote has four switches to control the robot in four directions. An accelerometer detects the tilting position. Maze Solving Robot Window Washing Robot This project demonstrates the feasibility of creating a window-washing robot for use especially by the handicapped in cleaning residential double-hung sash windows.

We have designed and built inkjet-based bioprinters to controllably deposit spatial patterns of various growth factors and other signaling molecules on and in biodegradable scaffold materials to guide tissue regeneration. The robot perceives this DTMF tone with the help of the phone stacked in the robot.

The receiver circuit receives these commands through RF and moves the robot according to the received commands. The data is transmitted to receiver through RF.

Under strict weight and size limits it is required to be placed on a window and either autonomously or via remote control clean the outside of a window with no other human intervention. This circuit is also designed using such kind of technology. One application is a biodegradable radio frequency RF power generator connected to electrical stimulating electrodes to enhance bone regeneration.

Dynamically-Stable Mobile Robots in Human Environments We are developing novel dynamically-stable rolling machine and walking machine research platforms to study interactions with people and operating in normal home and workplace environments.

The robot also has an obstacle detection and avoidance system implemented. The RF remote control provides the advantage of a good controlling range up to metres with proper antennae besides being omnidirectional.

The proposed system consists of transmitter and receiver circuit. In such an application the vacuum cleaner will automatically clean the floor, or you can direct it using the RF remote while sitting relaxed on your sofa.

The ACE project is concerned with autonomous mobile assembly. The wireless technology used here is Radio Frequency technology.robot projects. Add a project to robot. An interactive robot that anyone can make!

5 Impressive Robotics Projects You Don’t Want to Miss

Otto is very easy to 3D print and assemble, walks, dances, makes sounds and avoids obstacles. Otto: DIY Build Your Own Robot in One Hour! Project tutorial by Camilo Parra Palacio. 92, views.

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Posted Jul. 22 in Technology Robots.Suggested Projects. Guides on how to build a robot. These robots can do Robot projects tasks from gripping to picking up waste to moving around.

BaW-Bot Part 2: Build the Motor-controller & Body. Projects. Check out these projects being done by others interested in robotics. If you have a project you'd like to have highlighted on this site, please submit it to us.

Build Your First Robot Welcome to PM's Build Your First Robot project. If you've been guided to this page by our article in the February issue of the magazine, here's where you'll find the full.

Product Features The Table Top Robot is a hands-on science kit that teaches the basics. These project ideas include some interesting concepts like line follower robot, bomb detection robot, fire fighting robot, DTMF based mobile phone controlled robot, etc.

So, if you are interested you may check this list of robotics projects ideas.

Robot projects
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