Review of related literature and studies about advertising

As the figure shows, traditional media approaches are centralized and focus on delivering one or more messages to customers. Identify the general topic of the sources under discussion.

These connections can contribute to a sense of engagement or loyalty among social media users. A glossary of social media terms can be found at the end of this report.

Although the proportion of Americans who interact with government agencies using social media sites is small, there is little difference among the three major ethnic and racial groups. Another Pew study focuses on use of government social media sites Despite similar levels of activity, Review of related literature and studies about advertising, minority Americans are more likely than white Americans to believe that government use of electronic communications helps keep citizens informed and makes agencies more accessible.

They will make your review of related literature more valid. For example, the Pew Center does not include Asians and Pacific Islanders in its standard demographic breakdowns because of their smaller representation in the U.

Blogs and Facebook also allow organizations to update readers about a board meeting, a fare increase, or a new route. A survey conducted for FHWA had similar find- ings 5. When users access the Internet exclusively by cell phone, no matter how smart or sophisticated the device, they may not have access to all features of a website or application.

Many of these services allow users to track the number of times read- ers click on the shortened link, which allows organizations to determine what links are popular and which are not.

In Texas, the Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Author- ity used Facebook to recognize a long-time employee on his retirement, and DART has created a series of videos for its YouTube channel that feature interviews with agency staff.

Make use of our guide and you are sure to create a qualitative review of related literature. Get a FREE price quote! Owyang and Lovett argue that simply collecting data without further analysis does not allow organizations to draw mean- ingful conclusions Twitter is exceptionally well suited to providing service alerts, and many transit operators use it for this purpose.

Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation. The National Academies Press. The Urban Transportation Monitor surveyed transporta- tion organizations about their use of social media 3.

For example, the Regional Transportation Commis- sion of Southern Nevada posted a YouTube video to showcase the features of its new fleet of double-decker buses, and the Utah Transit Authority is one of several agencies to use social media to highlight local destinations and events that can be reached by transit.

Social media applica- tions encourage users to share their experiences, opinions, knowledge, and sometimes their locations. These connections can take many forms, but the goals are the same: Explain why the literature used is worth reviewing.

A review of related literature is an integral part of theses or dissertations. Moreover, older users are out- pacing younger adults in their adoption of social media.

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A few agencies also used collaborative Web 2. Consistent with these findings, nearly half of Americans maintained a personal profile on at least one social networking site inwhich was double the proportion recorded just two years earlier. There was an especially large gap in attitudes toward government use of social media.

Counting without context does not create a complete picture of social media effectiveness.

At the federal level, U. Thus, you will provide the context of your review of related literature; Discuss what was already presented about the topic of your paper: Social Media MetricS The science of measuring social media use is still evolv- ing. By comparing impressions for each post, users can learn which topics resonate with their Facebook followers.

Many platforms provide some level of built-in statis- tics. Google Analytics, for example, is primarily used for analyzing website visits; however, this free tool also enables agencies to analyze how visitors navigate to their website including referrals from one or more social media platforms and what kind of information they are looking for through search-engine keywords.

Do not you know how to make a review of related literature? Social media is a term that refers to a number of web-based applications through which users interact with one another. Indeed, they may not be persons at all. Figure 3 illustrates some examples.Related Literature Tracer study is an approach which widely being used in most organization especially in the educational institutions to track and to keep record of.

Review Of Related Literature And Studies About Advertising. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Related Literature The development of the study is based on “published” materials like books, newspapers, published journals, articles, magazines, etc.

Foreign Literature – the author is a foreigner Local Literature – the author is born in the Philippines Related Studies The. A survey or review of related literature and studies is very important because such reviewed literature and studies serve as a foundation of the proposed study.

This is because related literature and studies guide the researcher in pursuing his research venture. 64 Keeping all these facts in mind, the investigator studiously scanned the available literature related to the present study. Preston's ()1 work was amongst the first studies to examine the processes that might shape consumers‟ response to questions about advertisement content.

Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature Foreign Literature The major curricular reform will occur in an attempt to make schools more flexible and responsive to individual student needs. Nearly one-third of the elementary and junior high curricula will be eliminated with deep cuts in all major subjects%(6).

7 This chapter presents an overview of social media, based pri- marily on findings from the literature review. It includes a brief description of social media, highlights how government uses social media, presents the demographics of social media users, and describes approaches to measuring the impacts of these applications.

Review of related literature and studies about advertising
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