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This information will then be compiled using GIS software, to provide a layered representation of the research area Batty, All accommodation will be provided by my hosts, and travel within the country, if not provided by hosts, will be from a trusted source.

Fieldwork will thus provide the chance to hold focus groups with factory employees, conduct participatory diagramming sessions, perform participant observation, visit factories and employee homes, and interview senior members of the company about related topics to gain a well-rounded view of the different aspects of garment factories.

The second sub aim is to investigate the interactions between Sinhalese and Tamil employees, and to look at whether employment in close proximity is progressive towards their reconciliation.

Annals of the Association of American Geographers One aspect of this approach is that it should have a beneficial impact for the participants Pain and Francis, but it is difficult to know in advance what this may be and how it Research proposal srilanka be achieved.

Sage Loomba, A. Fieldwork is also necessary because exposure and immersion in the country will help to combat any Eurocentric misconceptions.

The family have also given us permission to access employee statistics and are willing to themselves be interviewed, along with other executive members of the company. Traditional ideals of household structure, nuptiality patterns, child-bearing patterns, and roles and responsibilities held in the household and in the community may be significantly altered or disrupted through employment in garment factories.

I will however travel between here and Colombo frequently due to collaborations with universities in the city, and links with hosts. Informed consent will be attained from all research participants, as they must be willing to participate, with a full understanding of what the research will be used for Crow et al.

Aims and Justification of Aims: Research will be conducted using a combination of primary and secondary data sources. One sub aim is to investigate the social impacts of factory employment for local women.

Connecting People, Participation and Place. The Professional Geographer It will also serve the dual purpose of building a positive rapport with the women, facilitating the forthcoming focus groups and participatory diagramming sessions.

The Final Proposal

Prior research will be undertaken to establish the depth and range of questions that may be addressed in interviews and focus groups, as participants must feel comfortable with what is being asked Longhurst, All routine vaccinations must also be up-to-date. Participants will also be reassured that details of the information they provide will not be passed onto their employers, and in no way will the research infringe upon the security of their employment.

It is important to join in the activities being observed in order to reduce the sense of the researcher as the outsider, and also to boost mutual respect between researcher and participant Laurier, Research without being in the field can be too detached to allow an intimate understanding of a topic, thus adversely affecting research.

I will be approaching students, both at high schools and at universities, to offer them the opportunity to act as research assistants, and thus gain valuable experience in the social research sector. However the increase of factories in rural areas has helped to make employment in these localised factories more compatible with traditional ideals Lynch, This will help to visually demonstrate the impacts of garment factories, such as changes in household size and structure, and will look at relationships between locations of households in the community and status and responsibilities of household members.Preparation of a Research Proposal Workshop on Effective Proposal Writing National Science Foundation, 07th OctoberColombo Kamini Mendis.

towards socio-economic development of Sri Lanka.

Research Proposal: Draft 2

The scheme also provides assistance to supplement the resources in universities, science. EduLanka web site included schools of Sri Lanka Universities of Sri Lanka University courses other courses colombo and Kandy courses and many course systems.

Research Proposal Guide. Research Proposal samples and help guide for conducting research and project. Project proposals and project examples. Title Filter Display # #. A Sample Research Proposal for Undergraduate Students. Research Proposal on BHBFC customer satisfaction.

Royal Tea - Complete Marketing Plan for Tea. MRP-I Tea Industry. Bachelor of Commerce (Special) Degree Program 2nd Year. Research Proposal For Tea Production in Sri Lanaka.

International Economics Tea 5/5(6).

Sample Research Proposal. Download. In earlier times Sri lanka is considered to be a country with a collectivistic culture, which has emphasized social interests and collective actions but deemphasized personal achievements.

By now, individual success and material prosperity are considered in Sri Lanka. It has been shown by Lee and. White-Collar Crime in Sri Lanka •Research Problem: Why does the law enforcement process appear to be ineffective in dealing with political and official corruption, Research.

Writing Research Proposals. Title of Proposed Project: Rural garment factories in Sri Lanka: Sites of conflict, or of conflict resolution? Aims and Justification of Aims: There are over garment factories in Sri Lanka, forming the largest export industry in the country and employing thousands to mass produce items of clothing for international buyers (Dheerasinghe, ).

Research proposal srilanka
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