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Rapid development of new products and a considerable reduction of time-to-market have emerged from this new form of global collaboration. Furthermore, having a clear vision of the future products and services is not at all the same as actually having them in hand.

Facilitation of Change and Innovation

In such networks of innovation the users or communities of users can further develop technologies and reinvent their social meaning. Executives and managers need to break away from traditional ways of thinking and use change to their advantage.

If you are interested in using these concepts within your own systems, tools, products, services or training and development, contact Sharon Drew Morgen via her website. How exactly you proceed from here depends on the situation. We express this in the innovation formula as speed, and of course there is a lot of value in getting solid results fast, faster than your competitors.

Focus on the value of the community — CoPs should create opportunities for participants to explicitly discuss the value and productivity of their participation in the group.

Among the benefits found in this initiative we have seen the following: This prompted the company to develop the first ever global brand, called Promptis Ready Mix, that would leverage economies of scale, lessons learned, and a global brand presence. Some are under organizational control e.

Tangible results are starting to become evident in many items that affect the bottom line. This is the character of the risks you must take. The purpose of a CoP, as discussed above, is to provide a way for practitioners to share tips and best practices, ask questions of their colleagues, and provide support for each other.

The challenge was to gather all the different products that the company develops in this business line, especially after some acquisitions, to gain visibility of all products, benchmark the best ones and share them across all operations. Social capital[ edit ] Social capital is said to be a multi-dimensional concept, with both public and private facets Bourdieu [2].

The causes of failure have been widely researched and can vary considerably. Duguid clarifies the difference between tacit knowledgeor knowing how, and explicit knowledgeor knowing what.

A project team typically has designated members who remain consistent in their roles during the project. CoP participation is not appropriate for non-practitioners. Success stories are thus the bread and butter of the ongoing mobilization effort, breaking down barriers and getting people to try new things out.

Meanwhile, the idea of limited liability caught on. Time is saved by conferring with members of a CoP. This, of course, is the story of countless failed companies, which aimed for a target in the future market that the actual market itself never selected?

Community of practice

The lessons learned in the initial phase are providing a rich basis for growth and value creation. Communities of practice help the individual bridge the gap between knowing what and knowing how Duguid Indissatisfied employees of Shockley Semiconductorthe company of Nobel laureate and co-inventor of the transistor William Shockleyleft to form an independent firm, Fairchild Semiconductor.

How you do these, of course, is entirely different depending on the size of your business, but nevertheless the actual elements seem to be consistent across all businesses. This new collaborative and coordinated global system leads to best practice sharing and development of new technology in ready mix admixtures.

Design the community to evolve naturally — Because the nature of a community of practice is dynamic, in that the interests, goals, and members are subject to change, CoP forums should be designed to support shifts in focus.

This technique is sometimes used in pharmaceutical drug discovery. After several years, Fairchild developed into a formidable presence in the sector. A community of practice can exist as long as the members believe they have something to contribute to it, or gain from it.

At its peak, it ruled 90 million Indians and employed an army ofsoldiers. Also, all business units have now active communication and collaboration with Research and Development labs located in Switzerland and Mexico thanks to Shift.

Some argue that companies have grown too big, too influential. According to Peter F. This led to an important discovery that would not be possible otherwise: Special products which are characterized for being manufactured for a particular client with particular needs at a premium price where effectively shared in a worldwide basis and studied by experts.

That is, social capital may provide value to both the individual and the group as a whole.facilitation of change and innovation facilitative questions for change and innovation decision-making.


These Facilitative Questions have been designed by Sharon Drew Morgen specifically to help you begin the process of change and innovation decision-making. This modern Facilitative approach is central to Sharon Drew Morgen's. Not a Member Yet? Whether networking at events or collaborating through our Communities of Practice, the value of an ISPE membership is in the connections made between pharmaceutical industry professionals and Regulators to collaborate on solutions to common goals and challenges.

Introduction. The intent of this paper is to acquaint the reader with the contents of the Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures-Second Edition, explore a few of its key concepts in detail, and to motivate the reader to consult the Practice Standard regularly as a reference.

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The Project Management Institute (PMI ®) recognized the. South African Nursing Council Charter of Nursing Practice DRAFT 1 28 September 1 Table of Contents 1 CHAPTER INTRODUCTION Preamble. Innovation can be defined simply as a "new idea, device or method".

However, innovation is often also viewed [by whom?] as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. Such innovation takes place through the provision of more-effective products, processes, services. For thousands of years, inventors have embedded five simple patterns into their inventions, usually without knowing it.

These patterns are the "DNA" of products that can be extracted and applied to any product or service to create new-to-the-world innovations. Drew Boyd shares how to use this effective, repeatable, and trainable innovation .

Practice for contents of innovation management
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