How to make an altered book

A Theme Lucky me! Cut the upper half of the image the part that will extend above the top of the book when the pop-up is open directly on its edge. I also dry-brushed a bit of paint on top of the strips to create highlights.

I picked out some letters and sayings and glued them into place.

This will allow the pages to turn easily. Before you tie this knot make sure the book opens and the pages turn easily. Above you will see my pages stacked.

Above you will see the pages can be different sizes. I have turned the book in this image just to show the how the pages will lay in the book. Take your time and work carefully. What are Altered Books, Anyway?! If you use a glue stick, your pages will come apart in time.

I used a yellow oil pastel to highlight words. You can paint them, cut, fold, burn, sew, collage, tear, drill, glue or adorn them in any way your imagination sees fit.

Fold the top of the image down the dotted green line at a degree angle to the first fold the dotted blue line. We will now start collecting our miscellaneous papers, photographs, envelopes and stack them together to make the pages of the book.

The fewer pages there are, the quicker the book will be finished. I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with creativity and inspiration!

Altered Books

Remove tape to reveal your hidden message. Then there will be a gallery of images from my first book I created in Nova Scotia.

Once you have cut the ALL the pages out, your book will look similar to above.

The focus is to center the middles together and then hole punch them. If you have cleaned out the pages well enough this edge should be very easy to punch through. Print the image on hard-stock paper, or print on a standard sheet of copy paper and then glue to a page with a heavier weight.

So while I ponder how I will decorate these pages, I have some preparations to do. Visit her website artistnicholerae.Part bookbinding, part bibliovandalism, part mixed-media collage, and part scrapbooking, the craft of altered books is becoming increasingly popular and recognized as the distinct art form it is.

But what exactly is an altered book? According to the International Society of Altered Book Artists. How to make altered books can be done in many ways to suit any personality.

I've decided to glue the first 6 pages together. The book is old and the paper is whisper thin.

Create Mixed Media

To make an altered book is to take an old book and give it new life as a personalized piece of art. The process of altering can involve cutting, painting, pasting, folding, stitching, sewing. This entry was posted in Book Arts, Make: Mixed Media Art Projects and tagged Art Journaling, Book Arts.

Bookmark the permalink. «Create Unique Photo Collage Elements. How To Make a Hidden Niche in an Altered Book Learn the simplest way to cut a niche in an altered book, and hide it behind folded flaps.

Practice Books For Altered Books.

How to make an altered book
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