How can i write a letter to hillary clinton

Ordinary people in China will also appreciate hearing the How can i write a letter to hillary clinton States raise human rights issues in ways that echo their own day to day concerns about rule of law and government accountability.

Clinton grew up with two younger brothers, Hugh E. I lost touch with the reality of fear and what it drives people to do.

As we grow, we help the world grow and, one day, we can build something universally beautiful.

Hillary Clinton

Though, maybe one day, who knows? I hope you know you were on the right side of history every step of the way, and I will follow in your footsteps as closely as I can.

While the Chinese government has taken some steps to promote human rights, such as enshrining the concept in the Constitution, the gap between its rhetorical commitments and the reality on the ground remains vast.

Abuses of human rights defenders, including Huang Qi and Liu Xiaobo. There is no basis for these tactics in Chinese law, and you should urge the Chinese government to publicly eschew further use of them. She was known as the only former First Lady to become a member of the Cabinet.

The Chinese government continues to strictly control Chinese journalists; at least 26 remain in prison due to their work, many on ambiguous charges including "revealing state secrets" and "inciting subversion.

American interventions on behalf of jailed government critic Hu Jia contributed to his being moved to a prison closer to his family; sustained international pressure on the Chinese government to permanently relax rules on foreign journalists in China resulted in success.

Senate in and became the first American First Lady to hold a national office title. Senator from to Tibetans and Uighurs continue to suffer indiscriminate crackdowns on their rights, typically on the grounds that their peaceful calls for genuine autonomy are in fact a cover for "separatist activity.

I never considered myself a political person. It might take years. Thirteen years ago in Beijing, you spoke eloquently about the duty of all governments to respect the fundamental human rights of women and men. Censorship of the domestic press.

Thank you for staying so long in a field that bruises and bleeds its champions dry. Full Answer Hilary Clinton is a woman of many talents in the political arena with a rich history, which includes running as the potentially first woman President of the United States in Obama, then president, hired her as Secretary of State from until Inshe ran in the Democratic primary to win the presidency, but later conceded to Barack Obama.

Veteran dissident Huang Qi faces a possible three year prison term as he reportedly faces trial in Sichuan on charges of "possessing state secrets," in a prosecution linked to his investigation of poorly constructed schools destroyed in the May earthquake.

Chinese police continue to make frequent use of house arrest, residential surveillance, and administrative detention. We strongly urge that you raise these issues early in your tenure as Secretary.

We cherish human life, and we cherish the experiences of those who are different from us. They continue to be an option. She become increasingly aware of the severe child neglect and abuse cases while working at the New Haven Legal Services at Yale which would inspire her further.

But the advancement of human rights in, and with, China is arguably more central to US interests than ever before. As much as the Chinese government appears to resist outside pressure to improve its record, experience suggests that it does respond to such pressure.

Your visit will set the tone for the US-China relationship in the new Obama administration. Abuses of low-wage labor implicate international firms operating inside China and compromise goods that come into the US. InBill and Hillary married, living in Fayetteville, Arkansas until when Bill was elected state attorney general and moved to Little Rock.

She served as a U. That we learn helps us grow. And we urge that you be mindful of the converse: You should urge Beijing to alter this policy, and put in place mechanisms whereby alleged incidents of torture are consistently and impartially investigated and evidence procured through torture excluded.

Suppression of dissent removes internal checks against environmental damage that has global impact.

She Wrote a Letter to Hillary Clinton Asking For Answers and Got a Reaction From Everyone But Her

I was taught to be so proud of being a woman by the people in my life - by you - that I forgot proud women can be viewed as a threat for nothing more than their strength. Dear Hillary Clinton, It breaks my heart not to be able to address this to "My Future President," as I had gotten so used to calling you.

Actually, no matter what my heart wants, no matter what my heart hurts for, you should probably get some rest right now.

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Press censorship in China makes it possible for toxic food and public health crises to spread globally. Rather than embrace those who urge greater rights protections, the Chinese government continues to persecute those who publicly criticize it.

Of course they were scared.Now, about your presidential run — if indeed you make it. I’m writing you this letter because I think the topic might figure into your decision-making, or maybe not. I admit that in I went with Obama, feeling at the time that he was carrying the real spirit of things, yada, yada, yada.

Yeah, well. Anyway. That was then and this is now. Hillary Clinton can be contacted through her website,, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Contact requests can also be made through her mailing address: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Post Office BoxNew York, NJ Writer Katherine Timpf wanted some answers from Hillary Clinton.

So, she wrote an open letter to the presidential candidate at National Review. She wasn't holding her breath for a response from Founded: Sep 09, Contact Hillary. You can follow Hillary on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Or, send her a note at the address below. Hillary Rodham Clinton Post Office Box New York, NY Share.

The Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton. People around the country are writing thank you notes to Hillary can be sent to this address. Post Office Box New York, NY Dear Hillary, Thank you for serving as a.

The Place Where Letters To Hillary Clinton Go At just 30 years old, Rob Russo has been one of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides for a decade, organizing and drafting her political and personal correspondence.

How can i write a letter to hillary clinton
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