Fluoridation of your drinking water

The latest fluoride-free victories include: No evidence of transfer of fluoride from plasma to breast milk. This extra vulnerability may extend to other toxic effects of fluoride. So, please, support the anti-fluoride movement by making a donation to the Fluoride Action Network today.

International trends in the incidence of bone cancer are not related to drinking water fluoridation. In combination with aluminum, fluoride interferes with G-proteins Bigay Fluoridation may be useful in the U.

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

The chemical usually tested in animal studies is pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride, not industrial grade fluorosilicic acid.

After three and half years the panel concluded in a page report that the safe drinking water standard was not protective of health and a new maximum contaminant level goal MCLG should be determined NRC, Fluoride intake and prevalence of dental fluorosis: I hope to see your site expand over the years and wish you great success.

As fluoridation does not appear to be an important issue for the general public in the U. High fluoride levels have been found in other foods, including barley, cassava, corn, rice, taro, yams, and fish protein concentrate.

The following demographic studies and fluoridation trends make it clear that fluoridation has very little to do with whether or not you develop cavities. The Australian government review states that water fluoridation is the most effective means of achieving fluoride exposure that is community-wide.

Community Water Fluoridation

Narayana MV, et al. Enthusiasts report that fluoride prevents dental caries by enhancing mineralization. Effect of fluoride exposure on intelligence in children. NY State Dental Journal. As a result of this high fluoride body burden, kidney patients have an elevated risk for developing skeletal fluorosis.

Both the aluminum industry and the Manhattan Project realized they had a major toxic waste problem on their hands that would cost a lot of money to dispose of properly.

It is widely used, but less so among the poor. Here, aesthetic concern is a term used in a standardized scale based on what adolescents would find unacceptable, as measured by a study of British year-olds.So, by simply drinking fluoridated water, you are doing something good for your oral health.

Is water fluoridation safe?

The Debate Over Fluoridated Water

How effective is it in preventing cavities? Drink Water with Fluoride Fluoride is naturally found in most all water sources, rivers, lakes, wells and even the oceans. For the past 70 years, fluoride has been added to public water supplies to bring fluoride levels up to the amount necessary to help prevent tooth decay.

Water fluoridation

Community water fluoridation is like drinking milk fortified with. The water fluoridation controversy arises from political, moral, ethical, economic, and health considerations regarding the fluoridation of public water supplies.

Water Fluoridation Infographic

According to a Congressional Research Service report on fluoride in drinking water. Water fluoridation is the addition of the chemical fluoride to public water supplies, for the purpose of reducing cavities.

About two-thirds of the U.S. population has fluoridated public water.

Fluoridation FAQs

Simply by drinking water, Americans can benefit from fluoride's cavity protection whether they are at home, work or school. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention named community water fluoridation one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. Community Water Fluoridation.

Many research studies have proven the safety and benefits of fluoride. For 70 years, people in the United States have benefited from drinking water with fluoride, leading to better dental health.

Drinking fluoridated water keeps teeth strong and reduces cavities (also called tooth decay) by about 25% in children and adults.

Fluoridation of your drinking water
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