Factors affecting the decision of graduating

Based from the summary of findings, the researchers have concluded the following: College choice in the Philippines. Computer Science rather than in Social Science because of employment opportunities.

College and University, 83 1: Scope and Limitations of the Study This study is limited to its scope in the determination of the factors affecting the decisions of graduating high school students in Metro Manila, specifically students from a selected public high school, regarding their college course.

You may choose to begin training for a career right away.

These can account for why some students enroll in, e. The results are only applicable on Ramon Magsaysay High School. Those four sections are the clustered sample of our study.

The case study was also used in this research. It explains why even though some students are good in Biology, they would rather take BS Education Major in Biology than BS Biology since the job market allows them to have an employment in the educational field.

The first two of our hypotheses were proven in the course of our study. A couple of decades ago, it was usual to see students finish high school and quickly find jobs in areas such as industry. High school councilors and friends influence a graduating high school student most in choosing a college course.

Philippine Social Sciences Review, 62 1: Their knowledge of jobs and labor market available is acquired through media, their teachers, family, peers, etc. Other possible factors that may affect the decision of a student in choosing a college course.

The personal, economic, social, and school settings as factors in choosing a college course. Students may or may not have an idea that a certain job exists, for example actuary.

Public Policies and Career Development: The researchers have thoroughly discussed the sample size of the school that is to be given a questionnaire in the sampling technique section of this chapter.

Moreover, this research will provide recommendations to colleges and universities in order for them to market or promote their courses offered based on the preferences of high school graduates. Journal of College Admission We have conducted this qualitative research with a survey investigation approach.

Anastacio, for comments and suggestions. These are the courses chosen by the students and are written on their application forms for colleges and universities. Tuition costs are the most significant factor that affects the decision of a senior high school student in Ramon Magsaysay High School.

The ranking was used to classify and arrange the factor that most affected the student in choosing a college course. A great part of the respondents chose Hotel and Restaurant Management as their choice of course.

Most often, these criteria of the target population are already grouped into subpopulation or cluster which has the same characteristics. The researchers have conducted a survey in Ramon Magsaysay High School.

Choosing a college major: These are other elements that they take into consideration aside from their career interests. The Impact of Cost on College Choice: The computed sample size was students.This paper examines the relative influence of factors affecting the college choice decisions of graduate students.

It is based on a survey of 2, admitted students at a major research university, to which 38 percent of the sample responded. Dietrich, Cindy. "Decision Making: Factors that Influence Decision Making, Heuristics Used, and Decision Outcomes." Inquiries Journal/Student Pulse () Inquiries Journal provides undergraduate and graduate students around the world a platform for the wide dissemination of academic work over a range of core disciplines.

drop-out) rates, who graduates from high school and why, and factors that influence students who do not graduate. With this information, stakeholders can. Factors Affecting the Career Plans of University Students after Graduation Senol Cavus Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, Kyrgyzstan Adnan Menderes University, Turkey correctly and realizing and accomplishing the planned decisions by making the right decision during this transition period by deciding what will be done in which time.

Career Choice Factors 2 The Graduate School University of Wisconsin-Stout Menomonie, WI Abstract Many factors affect career choices of high school students.

Identifying these least be following a career plan of informed decision-making, rather than one of. These three parts aimed to determine the factors that affect students’ decision in choosing their college courses. Conclusion The researchers conclude that: 1.

One of the biggest problems of a particular graduating high school student is to decide on what course they will take in college.

Factors affecting the decision of graduating
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