Essay on hinduism and christianity

Brahman the one ultimate reality is believed to have 3 functions, which are shown by 3 Gods: We can compare faith in Christianity and Hinduism; for example, Job, an extremely righteous man innocently suffering the loss of his possessions and family, still devotes himself to God: In Hinduism personalities do not count as much as the divine law or the dharma.

To Christians, God IS everything. Incarnation is apparent in both religions; Jesus Christ and Krishna. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies. Nonetheless, both Christian and Hindu beliefs take into account free will and own choices as a cause of suffering.

Roman Catholics believe in purgatory which is a time of cleansing from sin and preparing for heaven. This means that both Christianity and Islam have been influenced in some ways by the European culture. The Shahada means testimony, Salat is for prayer, Zakat is for giving, Sawm is for fasting, and Hajj means pilgrimage.

The Bible concludes of an Old and a New Testament, and is a compilation of books. There are festivals and feasts, which are usually celebrated on holidays. Both religions are also content to embrace the existence of suffering in the world, and in doing so, obtain Moksha Hinduisma release from the cycle of Samsara; and a new life brought up by God for Christians.

They are Kama, Artha, Dharma, and Moksha. Not only are the backgrounds of these religions similar and different, but so are the practices that they still live out to this day.

For all religions death is a normal and natural thing that leads to an eternal life. Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam all share similarities and differences.

Essays on Hinduism

There was always something before creation, as it is an impossible notion to assume that anything can come from nothing. Here in the United States there is a compilation of many religions. The cow and the bull are both considered sacred and should not be slaughtered.

Similarities and Differences Between Christianity & Hinduism

Mostly Europeans adopted Christianity along with Islam in the 18th and 19th centuries. Thus showing that both religions similarly have a challenging faith to undertake, although Christianity is more based on trust and understanding; they follow rules the 10 commandments to show God their dedication and faith; whereas in Hinduism, you are trying to gain the trust and understanding for yourselves.

God created everything in 7 days from the light and darkness, to the day of rest. In conclusion all three religions share that they believe in an afterlife, and strive for immortality. In some aspects, Hinduism Is believed to be a polytheistic religion for the Gods and Goddesses are all real, separate and personal individuals to love and worship.

Dating is considered both irreligious and immoral.

Islam is a religion founded by a prophet.Hinduism and Christianity Essay Hinduism and Christianity: Parallels Abound Steven Williams World Religion Professor A.

Bisson November 28, Hinduism and Christianity are two of the largest religions in the world today with nearly half of the world’s population claiming one of the two as their own.

Examine and comment on contrasting standpoints about God and/or existence in relation to the topic you have investigated. Christianity and Hinduism seem to have profoundly different views in relation to God and/or existence.

For example, creation within Christian belief is primarily ex-nihilo (out of nothing). God created everything in 7 days from the light and [ ]. Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity People of different religions are in contact with each other every day, and do not even realize it.

Here in the United States there is a compilation of many religions. Three major religions not only in the United States, but also throughout the world are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.

There are [ ]. The Role of Archakas, Temple Priests, in Hinduism. Will Hinduism Take Over Christianity? The True Meaning of Bhakti or Devotion.

Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity

Morality in Hinduism. Hinduism - The Death of a Child. The Ego and the Myth of Me and Mine. Hinduism - Sex and Gurus. The Coming Age of Darkness - A Prophecy. Christianity and Hinduism Essay Hinduism and Christianity are two religions that have been around for thousands of years.

These religions have developed philosophies on certain subjects that can be compared in order to show their similarities and differences. What's the difference between Christianity and Hinduism?

Further Reading For further reading, there are several books available on on Hinduism and Christianity: Christianity - books and more on Amazon Hinduism - books on References wikipedia:Christianity wikipedia:Hinduism.

Essay on hinduism and christianity
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