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Greenpeace used the power of social media to attack fast, far, and wide. But Dauvergne says that, ultimately, CSR aims to enhance the sustainability of business, not the sustainability of the earth: By Peter Dauvergne Will big business destroy our planet?

The buzz word among TNCs is sustainability: After a summer of heatwaves and forest fires you might think that any CEO worth their salt would have sustainability in mind, whether for righteous environmental or unrighteous PR reasons.

For one erik facius big business planet, the company thought it had already been addressing the issue. They have an overwhelming influence and impact on our lives — and on the planet. The problem is that sustainability and public image are two of many factors that a company must balance to be successful.

Our challenge is to prove that sustainability benefits everybody, but especially those CEOs whose company profits drive such decision making.

When it comes to sustainability in business it may even be necessary to take an entirely agnostic view on the science of climate change. They boast they are a force for good — and are helping in the fight against climate change. Campaigns from environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace are necessarily targeted, their effectiveness limited to the company or brand under fire.

He does point out that TNCs are doing many good things. Each and every day CEOs across the world face numerous decisions, and sustainability is just one in a long list of priorities.

Transnational corporations, or TNCs, or just plain big business, are everywhere. But trusting big business to lead sustainability efforts, says Dauvergne, is like trusting arsonists to be our firefighters.

Coworkers watch in horror as he crunches into the finger and blood dribbles on to his keyboard. TNCs see themselves leading the struggle to build a better world, in which resources will be ever more carefully managed — and climate-changing greenhouse gases reduced.

Maybe the TNCs have come to believe their own propaganda, but the degree of corporate chutzpah is, at times, amazing to behold. Tax avoidance is severely damaging, especially to developing countries where losses of billions of dollars in revenues result in increased poverty, inadequate social services, and weak environmental enforcement.

For the good of the future of the planet, the public — and governments — must confront big business, says Dauvergne: Regardless of what they may personally believe, they still have to balance whether and how to pursue environmental initiatives, weighing time and resources against many competing demands.

With their global reach and enormous financial resources — which dwarf those of many countries round the world — TNCs say they are ushering in a sustainable future.

Profits v planet: can big business and the environment get along?

Public shaming may drive change in some notable instances, but success stories such as this are few and far between. A handful of giant companies has enormous influence on global agriculture — controlling fertiliser and pesticide production and, most importantly, the availability of seeds.

The business merits of sustainability are based on the fact that even the most ardent climate-sceptic company executives face natural resource costs, public relations problems, regulatory burdens, and a green consumer segment.

In a matter of weeks, 1. Pinterest The clip opens with a bored office worker feeding papers into a shredder. Home Sustainability Climate Change Will big business destroy our planet?

TNCs, says Dauvergne, encourage both overconsumption and rising rates of unequal consumption.Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations!

Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. Big Business, Tiny Planet. 11 likes. I am a Google Trusted Photographer and can be hired to create stunning degree photos of your business. I can. Environmentalist: Big Business Threatens the Planet, Despite Boasts of Sustainability By Kieran Cooke.

Transnational corporations, or TNCs, or just plain big businesses, are everywhere. They have an overwhelming influence and impact on our lives—and on the planet. Will big business destroy our planet?

By Peter Dauvergne February 11, Mathew D. Rose Climate Change, Economics, Energy, Environment, Finance, Inequality, Monopolies, Sustainability, Tax 0. Profits v planet: can big business and the environment get along? Sustainability can bring benefits to everybody – including company execs with their eyes on.

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Will big business destroy our planet? By Peter Dauvergne

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