College students and sub culture essay

Criminal gangs, satanic cults, right-wing and left-wing extremists can serve examples of the counterculture. A wide range of personal appearance options and clothing styles, including nudity, have become more widely acceptable, all of which was uncommon before the hippie era. They longed for meaning and understanding of the world.

They were very skeptical of the government and its associated authority. They are also differentiated from the rest of the society by their cultural patterns. They came from many different places and had many different backgrounds.

They were open-minded and liberated.

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Their main goal was to create an ideal setting of peace, love and harmony. Their songs basically made people think and dream.

Artificial flower tiaras and real flowers were worn in the hair. However, they opposed violence and had a non-judgmental "do your own things" attitude. They also took part in civil rights movement and fought for racial equality. They have also contributed big time to the strengthening of individual behavior.

The cultural changes brought by the hippies were great and the changes brought by the hippie-movement to our daily lives were absolutely essential. Various popular subcultures can be found throughout the world.

At the same time, a subculture allows a person to understand his place in society, their cultural identity, to distinguish themselves from others. A lot of hippies took part in several peace demonstrations.

They had strong feelings about Vietnam War and wanted the troops back home. Much of hippie style had been integrated into mainstream American society by the early s. They felt free wearing long flared clothes, as if there were no wars or hate in the world.

In order to help them to open their mind to new understandings and philosophies they started using "soft" drugs like marijuana and LSD. Hippies were the first people to notice the need for change in America.

They utilized music through a fusion of rock music, folk, blues, and psychedelic rock to express themselves emotionally, spiritually, and politically and spread their culture worldwide.Essay on Subcultures: As the society is divided into many groups – national, demographic, social, professional – gradually, each of them forms its own culture, that is.

Subcultures essaysSubcultures are made up of people that come together and seek out others that share similar problems, views, and ideas. Groups form and then redefine ideas and challenge general society norms. Subcultures exist because some people find a need to have a distinct identity, the need.

Social Impact on College Students Essay - Social Media has become a very essential tool in the society; in addition, it has a huge impact on communication and learning process. Social media is defined as websites and applications used for social networking.

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Essay on Subcultures

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Sep 12,  · The college culture is definetely different than what you would see in a high school. If you've ever been on a college campus, there are students and Status: Resolved.

4 Types of College Subcultures. snarlatron Registered User Posts: They do stress that these are "types of subcultures and not types of students." Perhaps a discussion of these could help clarify good fits in college searches. The REBEL subculture seems to have morphed, in many colleges, into an ACTIVIST subculture where the faculty is.

College students and sub culture essay
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