An argument against treating cult as religion

I await your reaction on the religion angle. Every time we repeat a ritual, from the Catholic Mass to a prayer circle on a farm compound to a CrossFit workout, it defines us — and we define the people around us.

Disconnection The Church of Scientology has been criticized for their practice of " disconnection " in which Scientologists are directed to sever all contact with family members or friends who criticize the faith. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed", are not found in this reference.

In view of this, it defies the imagination that these defendants have the unmitigated audacity to seek to defend their actions in the name of religion. Writing the history of cults in the US, therefore, is also writing the history of a discourse of fear: This subject is examined in the article on the Church of Scientology.

Is Scientology a cult?

Oxford Capacity Analysis In the year-old daughter of Olav Gunnar Balloa Norwegian member of parliament, had taken a personality test organized by Scientologists in Niceand received very negative feedback from it.

Bill Robertson, a former Sea Org member, was a primary instigator of the movement in the early s. A religious charter would be necessary in Pennsylvania or NJ to make it stick.

Charlatanism is a necessary price of religious freedom, and if a self-proclaimed teacher persuades others to believe in a religion which he propounds, lack of sincerity or integrity on his part is not incompatible with the religious character of the beliefs, practices and observances accepted by his followers.

Does such extreme disciplinarianism make the Remnant Fellowship a cult? R "R" is the name given by L. Critics including ex-members and relatives of existing members say that this practice has divided many families.

What is a cult?

Garrison then states, "It was partly on the basis of these policy reforms that the New Zealand Commission of Inquiry recommended that no legislative action be taken against Scientology". What was John Calvin? McPherson, at the time, was displaying symptoms suggesting she was struggling with mental illness ; in one case, she removed all of her clothes after being involved in a minor traffic accident, later remarking she had done so in hopes of obtaining counseling.

Fair Game Scientology Hubbard detailed his rules for attacking critics in a number of policy letters, including one often quoted by critics as "the Fair Game policy". Isolated living on a compound? Posted by Jennie M. And yet it is impossible to dismiss anti-cult work as pure hysteria.

To talk about religion as a de facto abuse-vector of hierarchical power in other words, a cult writ large is a meaningless oversimplification. Lewisin Scientology. Such definitions also depend on who is doing the defining. Hubbard defined the PR public relations policy on "dead agenting" in a bulletin: On May 18,his subchaser left Portland.

Ron Hubbard and Military career of L. The Oxford English Dictionary The rise of interest in cults in the s and s cemented them in the American consciousness.

Scientology as a business While the oft-cited rumor Hubbard made a bar bet with Robert A. This included an installment on the CBS investigative news program 48 Hours. An Industry of Death Scientologists on an anti- psychiatry demonstration Scientology is vehemently opposed to psychiatry and psychology.

In MayScientology was organized to put this intended science into practice, and in the same year, Hubbard published a new set of teachings as Scientology, a religious philosophy.

Scientology controversies

Miscavige decided to redo the meadow in beautiful flowers; Tens of thousands of dollars were spent on the project so that [Tom] Cruise and [Nicole] Kidman could romp there. Hubbard and ten accomplices described their attempt to plead freedom of religion in defense: The most interesting cult operative today, in my opinion, is the UFO cult oriented around its leader, Rael Claude Vorilhonwho connects his 60, adherents to extraterrestrial wisdom and power.

Consider contemporary convents or monasteries. They said that no Scientology staff members attended the funeral of their son. A few may be bad religion and some may be led by evil people, but they are religions.

Petersburg Times as saying that Lottick had an argument with his parents four days before his death. Used as a verb"dead agenting" is described by Hubbard as a technique for countering negative accusations against Scientology by diverting the critical statements and making counter-accusations against the accuser; in other words, to "attack the attacker".

Jeremy became suspicious of his mother; he thought the vitamins were poisoning him. Hubbard established the policy in the s, in response to criticism both from within and outside his organization.

May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed". Early life of L.

On March 6,Hubbard issued an internal memo titled "Racket Exposed", in which he denounced twelve people as "Enemies of mankind, the planet and all life", and ordered "Any Sea Org member contacting any of them is to use Auditing Process RThey said that Germany guarantees the freedom of religion, but characterized Scientology as a profit-making enterprise, rather than a religion, and emphasized that precisely because of Germany's Nazi past, Germany took a determined stance against all "radical cults and sects, including right-wing Nazi groups", and not just against Scientology.

Starting inScientology filed fifty lawsuits against Scientology-critic Cult Awareness Network (CAN). Many of the suits were dismissed, Scholar Andreas Grunschlo writes that as a ufogical religion, Scientology “conceives of earthly human beings primarily as extraterrestrial spirits. Can a cult grown into a religion and can a religion birth a cult?

We reached out to psychologists, theologians and spiritual leaders to get a clear sense on where the line is between what we call a religion and what we call a.

Religious Arguments against Realism A lot of arguments against theological realism belong to the class of what I would like to call “religious arguments”.

These arguments are very common and maybe even the most widespread type of argument against realism. thereby again treating it as some kind of scientific hypothesis (which has no. If we take Melton’s argument further, the debate over what makes a cult, writ large, might just as easily be relabelled: what makes a religion?

Besides, accusations of cultism have been levelled at secular or semi-secular organisations as. Is a religion the same as a cult?


Is it technically illegal to start a cult? I believe in God but I lost faith in my religion (Catholicism), and I think it is useless to go to church.

An argument against treating cult as religion
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