An analysis of consequences of over speeding and breaking traffic laws

There were also subsections to collect information related to these areas: Likewise, there is evidence stating that the involvement and the responsibility of the driver in a traffic crash is closely related to age, driving experience, and the kilometers per year.

In addition, the higher the speed the poorer is the efficiency of the vehicle. From this approach, traffic laws have to be treated from a comprehensive perspective. In addition, the law is not the only thing to take into account; rules make no sense unless there are consequences when they are not obeyed.

Objectives The objectives of this research were to identify the frequency in which drivers sped, the reasons why they do it, and the estimated probability of penalty, and to learn about speeding penalties received and their severity.

Traffic speed strongly influences impact speed in crashes and therefore has major implications for public health [ 3 ]. Among the factors that contribute to the speed-accidents relation, it is worth mentioning: Drinking and driving is dangerous enough but it becomes even more of a risk when you add high speeds into the mix.

Moreover, law applies to individuals and societies, so it has a lot to do with sociology and psychology. Who is most likely to be involved in a fatal speeding-related accident? How many people are issued speeding tickets each day? First of all, the questionnaire was used to collect socio-demographic data such as age, gender, occupation, etc.

Import into RefWorks 1. This data is the main reason why most governments consider speeding as a huge problem for road safety. Seniors have the lowest incidence of fatal speeding-related accidents.

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How many people die in speeding-related accidents each year? Breaking the speeding habit can be tough but learning to slow down a little can save you money and potentially even your life. In any case, from the identification of the factors present in the speed-accidents relation, the Transport Research Laboratory TRL proposes to carry out two types of studies on speed: Individuals and societies may or may not know the laws, they may or may not accept them, they may or may not share their principles, and they may or may not obey them.

Young men are most often behind the wheel when a speeding-related accident results in a traffic death. Regarding driving, there is wide scientific evidence on the fact that higher speeds increase the time needed to identify and response to a stimulus, the distance travelled by the vehicle until the driver responds to danger or a threat, and the distance required to stop the vehicle, so speeding decreases the probability to prevent a collision [ 56 ].

Fight Your Speeding Ticket: What Is the Law?

In spite of these evidences, the speed-accidents relation is very complex since it is influenced and modulated by many factors, without forgetting the partially random nature of accidents [ 9 ]. Aboutdrivers on average are ticketed for going too fast each day. What percentage of drivers contest a speeding fine?

Where are speeding tickets least expensive?

Danger: 23 Speeding Statistics and Facts

How much do speeding-related accidents cost? What percentage of traffic fatalities are caused by speeding? Which speeding drivers are most likely to be impaired? To finish up our research, we took a look at which states are the most lenient and which ones are the biggest speed traps.

Speeding is considered as the factor that contributes the most to risk and severity, and, as a consequence, to the mortality related to traffic accidents [ 12 ].

If you like to keep the pedal to the medal, CreditDonkey has collected some facts and statistics on speeding that might make you want to put on the brakes. Which drivers are least likely to do so? In this sense, the responsibility in a traffic crash decreases in a non-lineal way when the age and experience is higher, and it increases with the number of kilometers travelled.

Drivers have roughly a 1 in 6 shot at getting nabbed for speeding. Which state allows drivers to drive the fastest? Does gender influence whether you get a speeding ticket? What car model is ticketed most often?

Regarding demographic aspects, studies in different countries have shown that young males are the main risk group when it comes to traffic crashes related to speeding. Wyoming, Utah and Idaho have speed limits of up to 80 mph on some interstates.

An important aspect of the questionnaire is the order of the questions.Speeding is more than just breaking the law. It’s endangering other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists, as well as the speeding driver.

The consequences of speeding are far-ranging: Greater potential for loss of vehicle control; move over and let them by. Give speeding drivers plenty of space.

Speeding drivers may lose control of. Apr 15,  · It led to a law prohibiting supervision to anyone found guilty of speeding 40 mph or more over the limit, and vows by court officials to try to limit the breakdowns in enforcing the law.

Speed and Road Accidents: Behaviors, Motives, and Assessment of the Effectiveness of Penalties for Speeding Francisco Alonso 1, Cristina Esteban 1, Constanza Calatayud 1, Jaime Sanmartín 2 1 DATS (Development and Advising in Traffic Safety) Research Group, INTRAS (Traffic and Road Safety Institute), University of Valencia, Serpis.

Fight Your Speeding Ticket: What Is the Law? Speeding tickets are, by far, the most common moving violation. The difference between fighting one of these tickets and a speeding ticket for going over the speed limit is that here the prosecution has the burden of proving you were driving unsafely.

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An analysis of consequences of over speeding and breaking traffic laws
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