Amy laviers thesis

What is the difference, for instance, between doing a disco dance and performing ballet? He was able to thrive despite the extreme intensity of I-Corps.

Manufacturing activity remains strong in Illinois, with interest in advanced manufacturing and digitization increasing.

What can the robot do, and what can the people do? I have worked closely with AE Machines for more than a year. I am looking forward to watching AE Machines continue to grow and positively impact small batch manufacturers.

Can you tell us about one of your current projects? Bi-pedal robots sort of stomp and they are very Amy laviers thesis. I thoroughly enjoyed our weekly debriefs as he and Amy took their prototype through the design and business development stages. Having algorithms that mimic human movement in a high-level way could advance the use of robots in real-world settings.

The goal is to bring automation to a broader group of people and businesses by making the current technologies approachable and user-friendly. He wanted to understand the impact we were making.

Amy LaViers

I have been dancing since I was little. A second showing will be held at 5 p. Thank you very much for talking with us. After connecting with Eric multiple times, my investment interest has grown.

Do you still dance? They are all passionate, dedicated, and hard working individuals.

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This work also has very practical applications. I believe this additional point of actuation can provide more stability and help develop robots that can manage any kind of task or terrain, without falling over. When you walk, you are actually falling a tiny bit and then catching yourself with your leg.

Featured Researcher โ€“ Amy LaViers, PhD

Using a computer program she developed for her thesis, she encodes that information so it can be reproduced on robots. I highly recommend them, and look forward to following their story.

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The lab aims to produce robotic algorithms that endow robots of all kinds with desirable behavior. For example, it may enable caregiving robots to have more comforting movement that is less intimidating to patients.

My father, grandfather, and all my uncles were engineers.When Amy LaViers was just 3, her mother and a group of parents in her tiny town in southeastern Kentucky collaborated to bring a dance teacher to the second floor of the fire station to provide lessons for the children.

University of Illinois Professor Amy LaViers, shown in her office Tuesday, Jan. 16,in Urbana, incorpoartes what she has learned from dancing into her study of robotics. Amy LaViers is an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia and the director of the Robotics, Automation, and Dance (RAD) Lab.

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She completed an undergraduate thesis at Princeton University and a doctoral dissertation at Georgia Inst. of Technology that straddle the world of art and control engineering.5/5(1). Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor, and mentor, Professor Amy LaViers, for her support in my study and research, for polishing my research skills and above all.

Catie met lab director Amy LaViers at the Conference on Research on Choreographic Interfaces (CRCI) in March oforganized by Sydney Skybetter, where common interests in consumer technology, choreography, and robotics drew the two together.

Featured Researcher โ€“ Amy LaViers, PhD A my LaViers, Assistant Professor in Systems and Information Engineering talks with ARI about Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, Twyla Tharp, and how bi-pedal robots should walk.

Amy laviers thesis
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