Affirmative action plan essay

Affirmative action did its job effectively and admirably, however society has shifted since it was first put into effect. Some say that Affirmative Action Programs have even promoted the discrimination against the whites.

Reclaiming the Innovative Ideal. Since its original incorporation into an enforced act, affirmative action has seen many changes and has constantly been the focal point for conversation both in the positive and negative sense. Unfortunately, with the system that is in place in the modern era, this is not being addressed.

Based on the current trends, white males will only make up 15 percent of the increased work force over the next 10 years if figures hold the same as projected Thomas, Jr.

Affirmative action was once necessary and effective. This provides evidence that the system worked when it was first implemented. In many ways, it has actually created diversity issues similar to those it was intended to correct, but for the white students or workers who do not fall into its scope of interest.

Theoretically, affirmative action was introduced in order to overcome past discrimination and make the society Affirmative action plan essay equal.

This can be especially true in an economic situation that currently faces the nation. It looks into the existing human resource policies not only in the aspect of recruitment, hiring and selection but also in the aspect of training, promotion and compensation.

For contemporary multinationals to grow and sustain profitability, it is imperative to Affirmative action plan essay and promote diversity in the workplace. There is therefore no compelling rationale for ending a policy that has done our country so much good Cose Ellis, p.

Therefore, the system that most American universities use to screen candidates for admission demands to be changed and affirmative action should be ended in university admission. What is an Affirmative Action Plan?

How can we conciliate the reality of affirmative action as it is actually practiced with the version that it is a race-based preference, which was introduced in order to overcome past discrimination? When minority and under qualified groups are preferred it represents a discrimination and, in particular, a reverse discrimination against white people.

By creating a program that ensured the hiring of a certain number of minority workersemployers would be able to see that a different worker, not a white male, could complete tasks just as efficiently and effectively as their coworkers.

The bottom line is that affirmative action is meant to provide equal employment opportunities for members of groups that have commonly faced segregation.

EEOC prevents recruitment segregation to ensure equality, but it does not evidently ensure the improvement of minority groups amid the fact that it provides possible policies for affirmative action plans Vedder A new system that addresses the issues that are more prevalent to today such as equal opportunity for advancement of a career should be investigated.

Affirmative Action

This program has served its purpose and should be allowed to be retired with dignity knowing that it helped many minorities take the first step towards equality, especially during times when racism was a much larger issue that permeated into many different facets of everyday life.

HR policies should, therefore, focus on fostering a positive perception of minority groups and their contribution to the organization as opposed to the inabilities. Even though American society is a multiethnic reality, we have to realize that different cultures in the same classroom not always can produce a high educational value if there is not the same level of knowledge.

To truly correct the issue of ethnic and gender inequality, it has to be addressed at the fundamental level. To remedy past discrimination, a state must identify with "particularity" the discrimination to be remedied, and design the preference to benefit only those persons who were discriminated against and only to the degree necessary to counteract the effect of the discrimination.

In fact, the racial balance we find in work world is the result of a positive economic process, and it is not a result of a pre-fixed quota as in university admission, which could negatively impact the pedagogical purpose.

A "Quick Fix" Culture The issue of affirmative action can be applied to a larger issue for the nation as a whole, namely: Employers have the obligation to ensure that every employee is protected against unwarranted discrimination and harassment against his or her superiors and his or her employers.

What is an Affirmative Action Plan?

Need a paper on the same topic? What do affirmative action programs involve?Affirmative action is a plan to promote the efforts of employers, schools and other organizations to recruit and hire groups that have previously been discriminated against. Ethics: Affirmative Action and Action Programs Affirmative Essay Debate 3 Affirmative Action Programs Affirmative action is a federal program that began in as a plan to “equalize the educational, employment and contracting.

Affirmative Action Essay. Affirmative Action Affirmative Action as defined by the Meriam Webster's Dictionary is an active effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups or women.

Affirmative Action is Discrimination Affirmative action is a plan designed to end discrimination by guaranteeing minorities will be hired, regardless of race or gender.

- Affirmative Action Affirmative action is a deliberate effort to provide full and equal opportunities in employment, education, and other areas for women, minorities, and individuals belonging to other traditionally disadvantaged groups.

Page - 1. SAMPLE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM (AAP) The following sample AAP is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the only styles and formats that meet regulatory requirements.

Affirmative action plan essay
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